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Digital Starter Kit

Say goodbye to keys! This bundle includes 10 Quicklocks, 20 RFID key cards and 20 fobs, smartphone access, and 180 days of cloud portal access. Each lock has Smartphone access (RFID and Bluetooth 4.0), smart power management (1-2 years), a full access history, and can store up to 50 RFID codes.

Our Digital Starter Kit is ready out of the box so you can:

  • Manage centrally. Assign and revoke access from the convenience of your desk or using a smartphone app—across all your locks.
  • Protect assets. Deploy durable, weatherproof smart locks with RFID keycard or fob access to protect your most important assets.
  • Know more. Easily audit who accessed what, when, frequency,
    and more.
  • Do this yourself. Our IT-free, cloud-based solution sets you up within minutes.

A $995 value!

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