Limited Edition Camo Gun Box 2.0
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Limited Edition
Camo Gun Box 2.0

Limited Custom Edition
Camouflage Matte Gun Box 2.0 

The 2.0 is the ultimate accessible handgun storage solution. The 2.0 can be opened with the swipe of a fingerprint, entering in a keycode or use one of the included RFiD tags (Cards, and Fobs.) 

The 2.0 has hydraulic shocks for super quick access and 2 USB ports on the back of the unit for charging.  It is also engineered with an Audible Motion Alarm that will sound if moved or tampered with, the 2.0 provides total peace of mind when storing your firearm. Fearful of theft or misuse? The 2.0 has mounting divots that can be drilled and a tether cable connection site for securing to a heavier or fixed object, if desired.
450.00 $ 450.00