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Gunbox Troubleshooting

  • Q: Why won’t the GunBox 1.0 program my fingerprint?

    Push the learn button located on the inside top center of the GunBox. Close the lid slightly, "FIRMLY" press your finger onto the reader, wait for a green light to blink, do this a second time waiting again for the green light to blink and a third time pressing your finger firmly on the reader until the unit has 3 green lights blink. Test your fingerprint to verify it is working properly. You will have to redo the sequence if a "RED" light blinks during the programming.

    Q: I have followed the troubleshooting guide for programming a fingerprint yet it still won't work.

    The GunBox 1.0 biometric fingerprint scanner is like a camera that needs to capture your fingerprint. Therefore it needs at least 2-3 seconds to capture the print and accept it. Please press and hold down until the green light blinks on top, lift your finger, do this 2 more times. Even though this is the best reader on the market, it will still have a difficult time reading your fingerprint if your fingers are dry or callused. We recommend washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, or lotion to your hands before trying to program a fingerprint. Program fingerprints that are not flat and worn, try using your middle or ring finger.

    Q: My GunBox 1.0 will not open and there are no lights lit up on the GunBox.

    Turn the power switch to the 'ON" position on the bottom of the GunBox. If that does not work then plug the GunBox into the wall using the supplied power adapter. This GunBox 1.0 battery power will last 7 to 8 hours when it is not plugged in.

    Q: My GunBox 1.0 opened great "UNTIL" I switched the RF + Fingerprint inside the unit to the "ON" position.

    Switching the RF + Fingerprint to the "ON" position programs the GunBox to requires both a fingerprint + an RF accessory in order to open the unit. When you wave the RF over the emblem, the Biometric fingerprint reader will light up blue. It is asking for your fingerprint. If you press the Biometric fingerprint reader, a light will blink green a few times. It is asking for a RF accessory to be waved over the emblem.

    Q: My RF accessories will not open the GunBox 1.0.

    Wave the RF accessory over the emblem to have a good read. If the GunBox will not open, your RF devices may have been inadvertently been erased by holding the learn button for longer than 10 seconds. To reprogram, push the learn button and wave your RF accessory over the emblem. When it blinks green a few times, you know that it is programmed. You can wave it over again to make sure your GunBox 1.0 is opening correctly.

    Q: Help! My GunBox 1.0 keeps actuating plus opening and closing?

    Your box has had its memory erased by holding the learn button too long. Simply push the learn button again and wave a RF accessory over the emblem, once it is programmed. The sound will stop and your box should close.

    Q: Why won’t my GunBox 1.0 open? I can hear the actuating mechanics inside.

    This is due to the fact that the firearm handle is too close to the front of The GunBox 1.0 and is impeding the latch from fully opening. It is recommended that you tilt The GunBox 1.0 90 degrees and shake gently to disengage the item that is stuck in the latches. Put the box down and try opening your unit again, when you hear the sound to open. Apply pressure in a downward motion to disengage the latches again. Email customer service at if you need further assistance.

    Q: I want to place my GunBox 1.0 upside down under my nightstand or shelf. How do I prevent the GunBox 1.0 from opening all of the way to 90 degrees?

    Push the lid down to a 45 degree angle and snap the clip in the middle hinge. This will keep the lid from fully opening and keep your gun from falling out.

    Q: The GunBox 1.0 has a RED flashing light on the front.

    The continuous RED flashing light on the top means that your GunBox has its silent alarm on or your unit has been moved. Simply waive your RF device over the top or use your programmed fingerprint to stop the silent alarm.

    Q: My GunBox 1.0 is flashing green and will not open the box?

    There are three switches on the lower left hand corner on the lid of the inside of the GunBox 1.0. If the Fingerprint + RF is set to the on position, the box will flash green if a fingerprint is used to open the box. If a RF accessory is waved over the emblem, the biometric fingerprint reader will light up blue. ***IMPORTANT*** Keep the switch “OFF” If you want to use the RF accessories and fingerprint separately. The tracking/alarm is used for other GunBox models and were sent instructions upon purchase.

    Q: Why does my GunBox 1.0 want to close or lock?

    Your firearm or items put into the GunBox 1.0 are either too large for the unit or is interfering with the latching mechanism to close it properly. To test, remove all items from the GunBox 1.0 and try closing. It should close and lock easily.

    Q: What happens if there is an electronic failure? How will I be able to get my gun out?

    There is a failsafe that has been implemented into The GunBox 2.0 in case of an electronic malfunction. Please contact for more information.

    Q: Setting up a new Home Base for your Premier:

    Turn OFF the audible alarm, tracking/internal alarm, and the GunBox on/off switch on the bottom of the unit. Take the GunBox to the new home base area (ie. work, vacation home, etc) plug in the unit. Turn the Premier GunBox on/off switch to the ON position as well as the tracking/internal alarm switch. You do NOT have to re-register the GunBox. You will receive a text message once the new home base is acquired.