Tactical + Sleek + Practical
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SK-1 Tactical

Tactical + Sleek + Practical

Bring Your Weapon Out of Hiding

Why stash your tactical rifle or home defense shotgun in a closet or basement far from where you might need it? The SK-1 Tactical allows you to bring your firearms out of hiding and into a safe and quickly accessible storage solution. If safety and ease of access weren’t enough, the SK-1 also doubles as a stand alone Bluetooth speaker that streams music directly from your smartphone.

The SK-1 Tactical is uniquely designed to blend in with your home décor. Using Biometric and RFiD scanners, you have multiple ways to access your firearms quickly. The SK-1 Tactical includes Bluetooth capabilities which allow you to customize features and settings to your preference.

Safeguard your family - secure your firearm - defend your home