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SK-1 Tactical

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Gunbox SK-1 is uniquely designed to be part of your home décor. Using the latest technology like Bluetooth, Biometric & RFID scanners, you have multiple ways to access your gun quickly. The SK-1 also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to further disguise it's true purpose. This is the smart gun storage solution.

Safe Storage. Quick Access.

Safe Storage. Quick Access.

Why stash your tactical rifle or home-defense shotgun in a closet or basement safe, far from where you might need it? The Gun Box SK-1 Tactical, the newest addition to our groundbreaking Gun Box lineup, allows you to bring your gun out of hiding and into safe, quickly accessible, plain sight, storage. And if safety and ease of access aren’t enough to convince you that SK-1 Tactical is right for you, it’s also a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker that not only looks great, but sounds fantastic.

The Safe in Plain Sight

The Gunbox SK-1 Tactical is gun storage with smart quick access that blends into your home!