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Gunbox FAQ

  • Q: How do I set up my GunBox 1.0?

    Please go to our video tutorial section for any questions you have on how to set up your GunBox 1.0.

    Q: What are the dimensions of The GunBox 1.0?

    GunBox Inside dimensions - 8.9in Length x 6.5in Width x 1.5in Height
    GunBox 1.0 Outside dimensions: 11.6in Length x 10.0in Width x 2.7in Height

    Q: What RFiD accessories are included with The GunBox?

    The GunBox 1.0 purchase includes 2 RFID Keycards and 2 Fobs. Any additional RFID’s: wristbands, sticker labels, and custom rings are available for purchase in the shopping page.

    Q: Will any of the RF accessories on your site be used with multiple GunBoxes?

    Yes, all of our RF accessories: wristband, sticker label, custom ring, keycard, and fob can be used universally with all of our products. The RFID accessory will simply need to be programmed.

    Q: What material is the wristband made of?

    The wristband is made with medical grade silicone with a hard plastic shell to hold the RFID chip. Metal cannot be used as it interferes with the RFID frequency. The clasp is made of stainless steel.

    Q: What do the three switches on the inside of the GunBox do?

    There are three switches on the lower left hand corner on the lid of the inside of the GunBox 1.0. They are labeled: Audible Alarm, Tracking/Alarm, and Fingerprint + RF. The audible and tracking/alarm must be turned on if you would like to arm your GunBox 1.0. Once switched to the “ON”, it will take 1-2 mins for the alarm to set. If the bottom switch is turned to the “ON” position, it will REQUIRE both your fingerprint and any RF accessory to open. ***IMPORTANT*** Keep the switch “OFF” If you want to use the RF accessories and fingerprint separately. The tracking/alarm is used for other GunBox models and were sent instructions upon purchase.

    Q: Can The GunBox be used to transport my firearm while flying? How is it considered an approved container?

    The GunBox is an FAA/TSA Approved Handgun Container for Flight. FAA/TSA requirements are as follows: 1. Is a hard-sided container. 2. Must be locked using a secure lock that only the passenger has the key. - 3. Firearm must be completely secure from being accessed by others. The GunBox wristband, ring, or label acts as the key for the locked unit and must be with the passenger at all times FAA/TSA prohibits the carry of a weapon within the airplane cabin. Feel free to contact customer service at with any other questions. Click here to view all TSA/FAA guidelines: State of California Dept. of Justice:

    Q: Do you offer a Law Enforcement discount?

    We offer a 10% discount for all law enforcement employees. Please send an email using your official police department email address to or you may send using another email address accompanied with a photo of your ID (if permissible) or other qualifying document. Once verified, we will send you a discount code to enter at checkout.

    Q: Do you offer a Military discount?

    We offer a 10% military discount to all Military employees. Please send an email to using your .MIL account. Once verified, we will send you a discount code to enter at checkout.

    Q: Warranty Period

    The Gunbox will have a warranty period of 1 year from the date the unit is shipped.

    Q: Return Policy

    The return policy will be for a period of 30 days from when the unit ships. Customer will be responsible for return shipping and handling to our facility. The GunBox must be returned back to us in brand new pristine condition. A partial refund will be given if scratched, dented or damaged. An RMA number must be issued in order to return your product. Please email customer service at to request an RMA number.

    Q: Failsafe in case of Electronic Failure

    A "Fail Safe" has been implemented into the GunBox. A small safety screw on the bottom of the GunBox can be removed using the included Allen wrench in a"rare" event the electronics malfunction. Please contact to get the instructional video on how to manually open the unit once the screw has been removed. For an added measure of security, the screw can be inserted from the inside of the GunBox, rendering the unit inaccessible. With the screw in this position, and in the rare event of an electronic failure, the GunBox must be drilled out in order to gain access.

    Q: Which handguns will fit inside The Gunbox?

    Most handguns will fit within The GunBox except for a few larger caliber pistols and some revolvers. We recommend measuring your handgun before purchasing to make sure your firearm will fit.

    Q: Which handguns will fit inside The Gunbox?

    The GunBox includes 2 RFid Key Cards and 2 FOBs. Additional accessories such as wristbands, sticker labels and custom metal rings are available on our accessories page.

    Q: Is the RFID wristband, custom ring, fob, and keycard "waterproof?"

    Yes, our RFID wristband, custom ring, keycard, and fob are waterproof. Feel free to swim, shower, or get them wet.

    Q: What type of material lines the inside of The Gunbox?

    A neoprene type of material to the inside of The GunBox in order to prevent scratching and keeps the gun from moving around.

    Q: What type of materials can I affix the sticker label to?

    The sticker label can be used on any surface except metal. Metal interferes with the frequency and may not open The GunBox 1.0. The sticker label may not function properly if applied to a mobile phone made of metal or other metal composites.

    Q: What is the black clip that was packaged with the GunBox do?

    The clip is used when mounting The GunBox upside down or sideways. Push the lid down to a 45 degree angle and snap the clip in the middle hinge. This will keep the lid from fully opening and keep your gun from falling out.

    Q: What type of RF Chip is used with The GunBox?

    The Gun Box uses ISO15693 at 13.56 Mhz for the tags and reader. These are industry standard tags, but they are not the most common type of RFID technology available. For more information, please contact customer service at

    Q: What kind of battery does the GunBox have? How long will it last?

    The GunBox 1.0 has an internal Lithium Polymer battery. On a full charge, it should last 7 to 8 hours, when unplugged and the power switch on. It will last up to 3 days if the power switch on the bottom is turned off. Keep in mind, the alarm feature will still be armed if the unit is turned off. Simply turn the power switch “On” and wave your RFID over the emblem or use the Biometric scanner to read your fingerprint.

    Q: Does my unit have an alarm?

    Yes, it has a silent alarm and an audible alarm that will sound when the box is moved.

    Q: How many fingerprints will The GunBox hold?

    The GunBox 1.0 will capture over 100 unique fingerprints.

    Q: Does The GunBox Project still need funding?

    We have been successfully funded through the Indiegogo campaign thanks to the generous contributions of our backers. We are in full-scale production now, and are no longer looking for funding to help us move forward. We are working on creating a new video at this time, but the video we currently have is very powerful and explains why and how The GunBox came to fruition.

    Q: Can multiple wristbands or rings be used to open one Gunbox?

    Yes, numerous wristbands or rings can also be programmed to open one box. A good example is one for him and another for her.

    Q: Can The Gunbox be mounted?

    Yes, The GunBox can be mounted in any orientation using #10 screws. Divots are located in the bottom of The GunBox for this purpose and can be drilled out. A clip has been fabricated to restrict the box from opening more than 45 degrees if mounted upside down or sideways.