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Dirty Harry meets Queen Elizabeth.


Hidden in Plain Sight

The Gunbox Echo is uniquely designed to be part of your home décor. Using the latest technology like Bluetooth, Keypad & RFID scanners, you have multiple ways to access your gun quickly. Echo can be mounted in any orientation, secured with a tether cable and has an audible alarm attached to a accelerometer that will sound if the box starts moving. This is the smart gun storage solution.

Safe Storage. Quick Access.

Safe Storage. Quick Access.

The Gun Box Echo provides quickly accessible handgun storage to safely conceal your pistol in plain sight, while keeping it always ready in case you need it. Echo is affordable, compact, and portable, yet it is still large enough to hold most duty-sized firearms and contains the same cutting-edge technology as all Gun Box products. Its innovative safety features provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun in plain site at home, at the office, in your vehicle, or even while you travel. With 12-months of rechargeable battery life, Echo is the perfect solution for home, or to transport your gun safely while maintaining quick access to it.

The Safe in Plain Sight

The Gunbox Echo is gun storage with smart quick access that is techfordable in an alluring design!