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About us

My name is Ryan Hyde I have been building and manufacturing products for 26 years. I grew up in Wyoming and guns are part of my life and my heritage. The Gun Box products we build are the modern day "gun on the mantle" which represents being ready to defend, freedom, independence, responsibility, respect, and pride in our heritage. Many are convinced that in modern times we should hide and wait for society to protect us.  I strongly believe that we have an individual responsibility, to protect ourselves and provide safety for those we love.  I am proud of these products because we empower gun owners with the ability to protect and defend responsibly.

Three years ago we asked a question “why have a gun for protection if you can’t get it when you need it? We had guns for protection but they were locked up far from where we needed them, or they were being stored unsafely where children and others could access them. That is why we launched The Gun Box 1.0! The Gun Box 1.0 solved the problem and started the gun storage revolution. With 1.0 handgun owners now had an attractive way to store their guns in plain sight. With guns stored in plain sight and quick access, handgun owners could now realize their intention for owning a gun, that of safety and protection. Handguns no longer need to be stored irresponsibly or hidden in places that are inaccessible in a crisis.

The Gun Box brand is the leader in plain sight, accessible, gun storage. We develop products that look amazing and blend in with home and office décor.  For quick access you can place your gun box in the living room, bedroom, work or home office, anywhere you might need to get to your gun quickly. To achieve the fastest unlocking we use the latest in access technology including biometric/fingerprint, RFID, and Bluetooth. We secure our plain sight storage containers with technology using motion alarms, and other notifications, providing the highest level of security in a plain sight storage container. 

The Gun Box line up is causing a paradigm shift in the gun safe industry. The gun safe industry is focused on HIDING, locking up, and bolting down, your guns in "out of sight/out of mind” in places like basements and closets. Traditional gun safes have their place but they are designed to protect what’s on the inside of the safe. The Gun Box line up is different!  Everything we do is to protect what’s on the outside of the box especially children, you, and your family in the event you need your gun immediately for protection and safety. We favor safe storage in plain sight with quick access, which is the main reason you have your gun for protection.

We offer a great product line up that offers plain sight gun storage in multiple price points, for hand gun and for tactical rifles and home defense shot guns. Gun storage has evolved and The Gun Box is leading the way.