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Gun Storage in Plain Sight

Gun Storage where and when you need it

The Gunbox line up is the leader in plain sight gun storage ideal for any home or office décor. Using cutting edge technology you have quick access while keeping everyone else out especially children.

Fingerprint Unlock

Quick, secure access at your fingertips

The Gunbox uses an industry leading fingerprint scanner to ensure security and readability providing an accurate read every time. Each Gunbox will hold up to 25 fingerprints.

RFID Unlock

Access The Gunbox using a variety of RFiD tags

Wave an RFiD keycard or fob over the reader to quickly unlock our products. Additional RFiD accessories such as a ring, wristband, or sticker label can be purchased separately to stylize and conceal how you use RFID.

Keypad Unlock

Stick to the Code

The Gunbox features a 5 button keypad which stores an access code of your choice (minimum 5 digits). The easy to press buttons make opening the Gunbox simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… but don’t make it that simple.

Tamper Alarm + Mobile Alerts

Protection against misuse & theft

Multiple protection features will keep you informed and connected using text/push notifications to your mobile device. Upon purchase, Guardian Alerts provide 24/7 security and peace of mind knowing The Gunbox will warn you if something isn't right. In addition to the alerts and audible alarm, The Gunbox can be bolted down or anchored with a security tether cable if desired.

Innovative Design

Sleek yet Subtle

Through the years of developing modern designs, The Gunbox series intentionally blends in nicely with any decor yet provides rapid access to your firearm.

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