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Safe Storage. Quick Access.

The most innovative gun safe on the planet

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Defend Responsibly

Hidden in plain sight, the Gunbox allows for quick access and safe storage.

Gun Storage in Plain Sight

Gun Storage where and when you need it

The Gun Box line up is the leader in plain sight gun storage ideal for any home or office décor. Using cutting edge technology you have quick access while keeping everyone else out especially children.

Biometric Scanner

Quick, secure access at your fingertips

The Gun Box line up uses an industry leading fingerprint scanner to ensure security and readability. For those who struggle getting a good read every time adjust the “sure set” setting in the app. Each biometric Gun Box will hold up to 100 finger prints.

RFID Scanner

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Simply wave an included RFID keycard or fob over the reader for the quickest unlocking of any of our products. Purchase an RFID sticker, ring, or wristband to stylize and conceal how you use RFID.

Bluetooth Enabled via Smartphone App

Download the iOS or Android App

Down load the SAFETECH bluetooth app for iOS or Android, unlock your box and customize your settings like the audible alarm or fingerprint sensitivity. Enable the password to add an extra level of security.


Protection against theft and abuse

All gun boxes are equipped with an internal accelerometer that sounds an audible alarm if the box is bumped or moved. In addition to the alarm you can mount or secure with a tether cable.

Innovative Technology

Built using the best technology

We have spent years developing our designs and selecting the best materials that offer the highest level of security in plain sight gun storage. The electronics that power our products are cutting edge and use the latest in smart technology.

Select the best Gunbox for you.

Our RFiD and biometric safes provide secure, quick and controlled access to your firearms

SK-1 Tactical

Tactical rifle gun safe with built-in bluetooth speaker

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2 Plus

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Echo Plus

An entry level, portable, compact biometric gun safe

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