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What is THE GUN BOX?

The Gun Box keeps guns safe, and It allows gun owners to quickly access their firearms when they need them most.

The Gun Box is built tough. It is die cast using aircraft strength aluminum alloy, which has a tensile strength of over 24,000 lbs per square inch and a melting temperature of over 1000 degrees.

The Gun Box opens one of 2 ways. The first is a radio frequency (RF) signature in a ring or wristband which is included with every box. The second is a biometric fingerprint reader which can store multiple fingerprints. The box can also be programmed to open with a combination of both the RF signature and the fingerprint reader.

The Gun Box Premier Model has the added safety feature of alert notifications.  Notifications will be sent to your phone when the box is opened, moved, or tampered with. Using GPS technology, you will know the exact location of the box while it is moving.

We’ve also added a few bonus features to the box for convenience. On the back of the Gun Box you will find 2 USB ports for charging phones and tablets or connecting other devices such as Bluetooth speakers.

The Gun Box has a battery backup so you can unplug The Gun Box and take it with you. When you turn off the battery switch on the bottom of the box the battery will last for days.

The Gun Box has mounting holes on the bottom of the box, it can be mounted under a cabinet on a wall, to a nightstand or in any orientation. It can also be secured using a Kensington lock and cable.

Our Qualifications

Our team has produced multiple products over the past 15 years.  For this product we have done our homework by having ongoing vendor audits and personal factory visits at vendor locations spread throughout the world.

Multiple electrical and mechanical prototypes have been produced to prove out the design and eliminate risk. A production plan has been created and a DFM “Design for Manufacture” review has been completed by our experienced engineering and procurement team.

Our team is confident and committed to this product and its successful launch this year. Our team has also been planning and securing the necessary long lead components so initial demands for the product can be met.

We understand the risks and the obstacles that will inevitably come with product manufacturing and delivery and we know that we are up to the task. The Gun Box is a high quality product and any of the perks purchased will be delivered on time.

Ryan Hyde has been inventing, designing, and manufacturing products since 1990. Whether pushing the G force limits on roller coasters, strengthening nuclear facility alarm systems, or normalizing hyper sensitive medical equipment, Ryan’s expertise and experience is vast and significant.

After successfully starting multiple companies and  launching dozens of products over the past 10 years,  in 2009, Ryan started his own engineering firm named RPH Engineering LLC–www.RPHeng.com .  RPH Engineering focuses on unique products that push the limits of engineering and design.  RPH Engineering helps its customer’s designs become a reality while also supporting products they have designed and invented internally.

Help Us Bring The Gun Box to Life

We believe in responsible home defense and we know there are a lot of other people who think the same way. That’s why we created The Gun Box. It really is safer, more convenient and a whole lot cooler than most other gun safes.

It has been amazing to see our idea of The Gun Box become a real, working prototype. If you think The Gun Box is as cool as we do, please look over the ways you can donate below and help to keep guns, families, individuals, and children safer! Any donation helps!


$10 – You will receive a Defend Responsibly bumper sticker, to show your support for a project which aims to keep guns safe. When displayed, the Defend Responsibly sticker will be a reminder to you of your ability to defend yourself and your serious obligation to carry out that defense responsibly.

$30 – Defend Responsibly T-shirt - The Defend Responsibly T-shirt is a way to wear your support for The Gun Box, the innovative product which keeps families, individuals and guns safe. These stylish T-shirts are made of high-quality fabric and are available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth sizes.

$30 – You will receive a 1 inch by 1 inch, high quality, durable, RFID label sticker that you can stick on a credit card, phone, wallet, key chain, etc. The label can be synced to open your Gun Box or used with other RF-equipped devices.

$50 – The Gun Box wristband WITH RF microchip – Feel the power of wearing state-of-the-art RF technology in a wristband or ring. With the RF enabled wristband or ring, you will be able to interact with other RF-equipped devices like cell phones.

(Rings shown above are renderings, final design will vary) 

$180 – First production run of The Gun Box RF Version (Retail Price $240) – Be one of the first to own The Gun Box RF! In addition to the die cast aluminum exterior, the RF version includes a RF ring or wristband for rapid access, 2 usb ports for charging devices, battery backup with an on/off switch, mounting holes and a Kensington lock port.

$225 – First production run of The Gun Box Biometric Fingerprint version (Retail Price $300) In addition to all the features of the RF version The Gun Box Biometric will open with the touch of a finger. Equipped to hold multiple fingerprints, this version can be opened 3 ways; with the RF ring or wristband, a fingerprint, or a combination of both if programmed by you.

$390 – First production run of The Gun Box Premier, includes 1 year of monitoring (a $75 value) (Retail Price $420 plus monitoring) The Gun Box Premier has everything in the Biometric version with the added security of alert notifications. If The Gun Box is opened, moved, or tampered with you will receive alerts sent to your phone. Using GPS technology it will give you the exact location of the box while it is moving.

Help Get the Word Out!

If you know someone who would be interested in this product please share this page with them. We want everyone to defend responsibly so please share!


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